Wind Farms Inspections

  • Wind Farms surveillance can be divided into 2 main categories in terms of the customer profile it addresses.

    Surveillance of Project Developers and Owners: Generally, wind farm project developers and owners are private organizations that will carry out the projects in the medium and long term. Therefore, the planning and construction phase of projects is very important for Project feasibility analysis. For this reason, the following services are important:

    Planning and making wind measurements
    Decisive Study / Meso mapping
    Investigation of meteorological field conditions
    Measuring Pole Supply and Installation
    Statistical analysis of wind measurements
    Evaluation of wind potential and energy efficiency

    Wind Services for Project Financiers and Lenders (eg Banks): Most wind projects are developed through a financing mechanism regardless of the financing model. Projects always have some of the capital, but most generally more than half of the investment comes from Banks, Funds etc. It is funded by Credit Institutions such as Therefore, the Project feature under review plays a key role for financing partners of wind projects.

    Impartial Evaluation of Due Diligence Reports
    Detailed due diligence
    Owner’s Engineer throughout the project implementation phase
    Preparation of draw-down lists
    Preparation of punch lists
    Project Completion Report
    Examining the permissions received