Welding Supervisor Training under ISO 14731

  • With this training, you will have acquired a lot of information about the welding technique as well as the content of the ISO 14731 standard. It is a very important training especially for those who work in the welded manufacturing department in enterprises, those who have the potential to work in these fields throughout their careers, and those who are still students and have the potential to work in this field (machinery, industry, construction, metallurgy/material, automotive, etc.).

    The aim of this training is to convey the necessary information about the welded manufacturing quality documentation to the participants, to explain the duties and responsibilities of the Welding Coordination personnel defined in ISO 14731, to touch on the basic welding techniques, to convey the content of the ISO 9606-1 standard, which is the welder qualification standard, to provide basic information on welding quality control methods. and to convey the basis of the welded manufacturing evaluation criteria included in the ISO 5817 standard to the participants.