Solar Power Plants Inspections

  • Solar (Photovoltaic) plant inspections review the entire plant design to ensure functionality and reduce risks, by reviewing standards and contracts, based on extensive experience. Solar (Photovoltaic) plant surveillance can be grouped in 5 different phases:

    Planning phase: This phase usually includes on-site inspections, shading analysis, energy yield estimation and evaluation, IRR analysis, loss analysis, and feasibility report evaluations before the investment begins.
    Design phase: The design phase includes manufacturer and on-site PV module inspection, certification of PV modules through accredited laboratories, preliminary inspection and loading inspection for PV modules, supplier evaluations, environmental inspections, standards compliance inspection, and subcontractor evaluations.
    Construction phase: Quality Assurance inspections and Quality Control inspections during construction and assembly play a key role in the Quality and Safety of PV projects. Production surveillance, compliance checks, fault detection in the early stages of construction, participation in Factory Acceptance Tests and field tests of critical components such as Inverters, Transformers should be performed.
    Operation and Maintenance: It covers device fault detection and analysis, DC breakdown test, on-site inverter evaluation, Infrared camera controls, Operation and Maintenance evaluation process.
    Monitoring: For Lenders and Financiers of PV plant projects, Technical Due Diligence and Project Monitoring services play a key role in assessing the feasibility of the Project. During the first report preparation period, an energy efficiency assessment will be made by energy experts. Periodic monitoring reports and final closing reporting are also made by PV experts.