Industrial Technical Control

EXPERTE is a respected independent auditing company that certifies the conformity of industrial equipment and facilities according to the applicable rules (EN, ASME, AWS, CE, API, GOST).

Technical Evaluation:
Design and project process Project management
Progress and technical follow-up

Factory Production Technical Inspection:
Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boiler and boiler parts
Metallic, non-metal and composite materials
Steel structures, building materials
mechanical equipment
Lifting and handling equipment

Field-Site Technical Inspection:
Petro-chemical plants, refineries
Hydroelectric, Thermal and Wind Power Plants
Chemical process plants
Iron and Steel Production Facilities
industrial buildings

Legal Technical Security Requirements:

Conformity assessment, certification – CE Mark

Pressure Equipment
Lifting Equipment

Verification – Audit:
Mechanical installations
Heating and Cooling systems
Fire Safety vs. Extinguishing Systems
cathodic protection

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Construction Services

Contract Management:
Preparation of contracts
Ensuring the compliance of the administrative and technical conditions of the contracts with the investment objectives.
Timely, financial and technical control of contract terms throughout the manufacturing period.
Risk Analysis and Evaluation

Determining whether there are financial, temporal and technical risks at every stage of the investment, reporting them and presenting solutions to the Employer.

Construction Construction Management

It includes the services of completing the productions in accordance with the designs and reporting to the customer, by making all necessary controls for the project to be completed in the desired quality, time to be completed and within the stipulated budget.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

All services that can be summarized within the scope of the creation and implementation of the Quality Control and Quality Assurance documentation system to ensure that the productions carried out during the project period are completed within the framework of the current design, technical specifications, standards and specifications.

Planning and Work program Management

It is the planning of the design, construction, production, commissioning processes from the very beginning throughout the project period, the creation of sub-work programs and their updating and monitoring throughout the processes.

Testing and Commissioning Operations

It is the realization and coordination of the planned and described test and commissioning processes at the completion stage of the project and the delivery of all systems to the Employer in a smooth and working manner.

Reporting System

It is the complete operation of the reporting system created throughout the project period and the submission of daily, weekly and monthly reports to the Employer. All reports and documentation related to the project are delivered to the Employer as a log-book during the commissioning process.

Test and Measurement

Non-Destructive Tests-NDT:
Magnetic Particule
Dye Penetrant
Digital Radiography
Vacuum – Sealing
Destructive Tests:
tensile, bending
Welding tests
Micro-Macro evaluation
Chemical analysis
Advanced Nondestructive Tests:
acoustic emission
Rope Access NDT

These services are carried out with the necessary up-to-date equipment and certified, competent personnel.

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