Inspection Service of Steel and Aluminum Constructions

Inspection of Steel Construction Structures is carried out by expert welding engineers. In this context, our technical personnel in the field examine the details about welding and manufacturing according to the approved technical drawings related to production. If there are nonconformities, it notifies the employer. Quality files related to production are examined in detail. Quality Control Plans (ITP) are prepared according to international standards. Packing and shipping controls are made.

The certificates of all raw materials brought to the factory and the conformity of the materials are checked, the quality control plans are created within the scope of the technical specifications created by the employer, the submission to the employer’s approval, the control of the material quality certificates are carried out by our technical personnel who have mastered the EN 1090-1-2-3 standards.

The main topics of the controls made

Control of materials entering the production or field,
Whether the raw material (sheet metal, electrode, gas, etc.) is selected in accordance with the contract and standards; determining whether it is used
The parts are correct (especially in projects with many parts); Control during production whether it is produced in accordance with the technical drawing dimensions,
Visual inspection of welds
Follow-up of works according to production planning
Torque controls
Overseeing the tests
Checking with DFT (Dry Film Thickness) device whether the paint processes carried out to protect against corrosion are painted in accordance with standards and contracts,
Control of parts joined by screwing method according to EN ISO 4017 standard
Controlling whether the paint and packaged parts are shipped in accordance with the contract and customer requests.
Daily, weekly or monthly reporting