Hydraulic Plant Inspections

  • HPP inspections are generally more construction-oriented projects due to the nature of hydropower plants. Services can be classified into 3 stages:

    Project initiation and design phase: Project management, project monitoring and project financing / budgeting, Due diligence, Procurement and implementation support, Feasibility studies and location studies, Site survey: Topography and cartography, geotechnical studies, protected areas interference analysis, archaeological sites examination .
    Construction and Commissioning phase: Owner’s engineering services: Budget, schedule and quality control, geotechnical reports, Review and approval of design changes, Review of technical specifications and procurement planning. Approval and follow-up of the control points program in factory inspections, Daily supervision of construction works, follow-up of necessary machinery and personnel, Health, safety and environmental management (HSE), Supervision of contractors’ quality control plan
    Operation and Maintenance phase: Operation and maintenance planning, Maintenance and repair tender and inspection, Quality management and quality audits, Quality indicators monitoring, Facility management planning and monitoring, Structural studies and monitoring, Risk and safety assessment, Health, safety and environmental management ( SELECT)