Biomass Power Plant Inspections

  • Energy production from biomass is provided by a wide variety of raw materials and energy production technologies.

    Electricity, heat and fuel production from biomass resources can be realized with the use of many different technologies. The resources selected for energy production are converted into an energy form suitable for the desired technology by thermo-chemical or bio-chemical conversion methods.

    Biomass power plant design and construction play a critical role because of the efficiency levels of the designed targets. With the expert opinion of a third-party company, the necessary preliminary work will be done technically and financially for the efficient operation of biomass power plants. This scope of service includes, but is not limited to:

    Review and evaluation of feasibility, design and technical specifications
    Review of the construction plan
    Review of prime contractors and related agreements
    Estimated construction costs and review of overruns
    Review of key technical, agricultural, financial and operating assumptions
    Evaluation of agricultural parameters: crop yield, calorific value assumptions, soil conditions
    Confirmation of projected revenues, expenses and costs
    Identification of potential events and related material adverse effects
    field visit